CGSTANDARD. 3D Architectural Rendering Showreel 2017. Produced ex…


The wide range of visualizations showcases various aspects of today’s human environment: the urban life, agricultural area, business centers, manufacture and plants, leisure facilities, etc.

We created 3D architectural renders in the following areas:

residential sector (apartment buildings, cottages, apartments, family houses, separate rooms: living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, etc.)
travel and tourism sector (hotels, airports, stadiums, cruise ships and other vehicles, etc.)
business sector (office areas, parkings, etc.)
leisure industry (parks, attractions, beachfront areas, cinemas, cafes, etc.)
agricultural sector (farms, supermarkets, food processing units, plants and factories, technical equipment, etc.)
industrial sector (plants, power stations, harbors, workshops, industrial equipment, machinery, etc.)
any other custom projects

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