Day in the Life of a Travel Photographer on Assignment


This is the day in a life of a travel photographer on assignment in Rotterdam, Netherlands
See the work from this assignment on my Instagram at @brendanvanson.
This is another video from my “day in the life” series I’ve been doing which are more documentary style. I thought that it would be cool to give you guys a little bit of insight into what life is like during a day on assignment as a travel photographer. I’m here on a job in Rotterdam, Netherlands, so it seemed like the perfect time to do this type of video about the daily workings of my career.
Essentially, through this vlog, I take you through my daily activities while on this photography assignment.
In short, my day in Rotterdam kind of went like this:
430am wake up for sunrise.
5-630am photography at sunrise.
7-9am photo editing.
9-11am breakfast and news catch up.
11am-1pm vlog editing.
1-3pm lunch break.
3-5pm nap break.
5-7pm location scouting.
7-11pm travel photography at sunset and blue hour.
11pm-12 photo editing.
And while there aren’t too many days that are exactly the same as a travel photographer. This is a pretty typical day earning a living as a from travel photography,
Tomorrow, my assignment ends here in Rotterdam and I’m making my way across the oceans to Peru. I’m going to be leading a photography workshop there, so I’m really excited for that. As much as I love doing the photography assignments, I also really love teaching.


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