Amazing Qatar at Night_Al Waab Road_Holiday Plaza_#131


AmazingQatar at Night_Al Waab Road_Holiday Plaza_#131 by Roy Yor

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Qatar rules out jail time over deadly mall blaze

♦ Doha: A Qatari judge ruled on Monday that no one will serve time in prison for a May 2012 Doha mall fire that left 19 dead, including nursery school children, local media reported.

♦ The Court of Appeal, however, ordered the five defendants to pay compensation to the victims’ families in the form of “blood money”, as laid down under Islamic law, according to a local news site.

♦ Among the five defendants is Shaikh Ali Bin Jasem Al Thani, Qatar’s ambassador to Belgium.

♦ According to the Qatari government website, Al Thani is also head of mission to the European Union.

♦ The diplomat was co-owner of the ‘Gympanzee’ nursery at the Villagio mall, scene of the fire.

Private boat catches fire at Qatar’s Doha corniche

♦ Doha: A private boat caught fire on the Doha corniche on Thursday afternoon following an electrical accident. No casualties were reported and the fire was promptly put out by a civil defence team after black plumes of smoke emerged from one of the city’s busiest spots.

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