Millennium Place


A contemporary 4-star hotel concept, designed for a new generation of business executives, entrepreneurs and leisure travellers, Millennium Place hotels are stylish, full of comfort and connectivity, ideal for the modern business and leisure traveller looking for a hotel with a personality.

Millennium Place might feel like an independent lifestyle hotel but it also has all the standards of excellence and consistency you’d expect from a global hotel group. Inspired by their destination, with a contemporary design, Millennium Place offer places to play or work by day.

A concept that challenges conventional industry norms and delivers an experience appealing to those global travellers who appreciate design, travel and new cuisine. A hotel where business, pleasure and cool comfort blend seamlessly to create relaxing havens in any urban destination.

A unique lifestyle brand, new to the Millennium Hotels and Resorts portfolio, Agarwood Properties combines modern design sensibilities with innovative and intelligent eco-friendly features. The philosophy champions a stylish, sustainable return to nature.

Agarwood Properties harmonize nature’s four elements and the core values are bound into an environmentally conscious design. A profound understanding of place, culture and artisan values enhances the delivery of a memorable service for the individual. Interior schemes effortlessly combine comfort and style with natural materials and elements. Signatures include sculptural art pieces worthy of contemporary galleries. Practicalities also reflect the environmental imperative and Agarwood Properties are intelligently designed throughout to harness eco technologies and reduce operational running costs.

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