PANAMA, the ALBROOK SHOPPING MALL, the largest Mall in the AMERIC…


Let’s visit the wonderful Albrook Mall which is a large shopping mall and leisure complex located in Panama City, Panama. As of August 2015 it was the fourteenth largest mall in the world, the largest in the Americas and the largest shopping mall outside Asia.

The mall was opened in 2002 on the site of Fort Clayton, which had been a United States Air Force base in the former Panama Canal Zone. It is located beside the city’s main bus station and the Marcos A. Gelabert domestic airport.

In March 2013, the mall contained 700 businesses, which received between 30,000 and 50,000 visitors per day. As of March 2016, approximately 25% of the visitors are foreigners. The mall provides employment for around 10,000 people. Businesses included cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, travel agents, hairdressers, fitness centres, and children’s play areas.

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