Leisure Serenity 2017 24CB $150000 Mercedes RV


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Are you into luxurious RVs or camper vans? Luxe RV offers the best RV rentals on the market.

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Free same city delivery and pickup
Completely outfitting the RV at no additional cost
WiFi on board
Just to name a few of the cool stuff Luxe RV adds in the RV rentals…

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Most people charter recreational vehicles “RVs” for a change of pace or simply just to experience a luxury camp-out at a special vacation spot or event. At Luxe RV, you are certain to find the most sophisticated, cleanest motorhome and RV rentals for travel and leisure. Our Mercedes RV rentals are properly maintained and well-tuned for your RV traveling needs.

With an all-inclusive starting price of $325 per night, Luxe RV features a fleet of top standard, premium quality recreational and luxury RVs, well matched to your budget and preferences. Each Luxe RV model prearranged with standardized facilities like kitchen areas, shower rooms, Wi-Fi, TVs, power outlets, comes along with additional conveniences such as queen-sized organic bedding, dinnerware, cookware, with First-class concierge services.

Rent a Luxe RV for Your Next Vacation!

Call us at (888) 600-0793 or directly email us at sales@luxervrental.com


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